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Our Mission

NanoDian's goal is to become a world-class developer of nanostructed materials for a range of applications. 

About NanoDian

NanoDian Inc. is a Los Angeles based nanotechnology company developing and commercializing the next generation of lithium ion batteries to benefit devices within both portable and stationary energy storage, such as electric vehicles and microgrids. NanoDian is using a laboratory-developed patented technology to produce the next generation of batteries by addressing some of the major current battery issues, such as extended life cycles, greater charge (energy) rates, safety, and cost.

NanoDian Inc. is founded by Michael Boehm and Ben Lesel. Michael is an entrepreneur with three decades experience in
technologystart ups and serves the UCLA Smartgrid Energy Research Center as IP liaison.  Ben is a UCLA Chemistry PhD
 with a long history of nano materials work in the energy realm.  The company is currently developing nanostructured materials for lithium ion batteries.



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