Fast Charging and Discharging
Low Cost
Long Life Cycles
High Safety
< 10
Minutes Charging Time

NanoDian is the solution to several of today's battery challanges... 

Currently, lithium ion batteries lead the market in rechargeable, high capacity charge storage. However, these batteries have the disadvantage of charging slowly and having poor cycle life. Typically, fast electric energy transfer can be accomplished but requires significant sacrifice in energy density, but the processes are often complex or costly. The NanoDian solution is exceptional in its way of balancing attributes of fast charge time, high energy density, long cycle life, and low cost. 

Fast Charging  

Pseudocapacitive materials have recently emerged as a class of material that can achieve fast charging similar to electric double layer capacitors but with capacity closer to that of lithium ion batteries. NanoDian has developed the first scalable, high voltage pseudocapacitive materials suitable for replacing the existing cathode materials (e.g. LCO, NMC, NCA, LiFe etc.) in lithium ion batteries, enabling fast charging (on the order of 5-10 min) with minimal reduction in capacity.


Low cost

Manganese, the main metal in our product, is significantly cheaper than nickel and cobalt which are dominantly used in the cathode materials in lithium ion batteries and significantly contribute to the overall cost of the materials. NanoDian's synthesis is streamlined and avoids numerous processing stages and requiring no new equipment in cell manufacture, which is resulting in our product being overall less expensive than that of competitive materials.

EASilY scaled and adopted by standard production lines 

Our nanostructured electrode powders can be easily swapped for existing powders in standard production processes. 

Unlike other nano-material syntheses which require a multitude of steps to fabricate the final product, NanoDian’s nano-material synthesis is streamlined and avoids numerous processing stages that would be unfavorable to scale-up.


Long cycling lifetime

Our nano-structured materials break the thousand cycle barrier, permitting manufacturers to offer 10 year and longer warranties without fear of product failure.



safety & sustainability 

Manganese, which is the main metal in our product, is more environmentally friendly than nickel and cobalt which are dominantly used in the cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries. Cobalt has also been linked to human right supply chain problems. Due to the properties of our nanomaterials thermal runaway should be minimized leading to safer cell operation.  



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