What makes the NanoDian technology unique is its exceptional way of combining attributes of fast charge time, high energy density, long cycle life,  and low cost. This balance of attributes makes the NanoDian creates significant advantages within several different markets, below are some examples of these markets. 

 Portable Storage:
Electric Vehicles
 Portable Storage:
Power Tools
Portable Storage:
Mobile Devices
Stationary Storage
< 10 Minutes Charging Time


Electric vehicles


NanoDian has developed a technology that addresses some of the most significant issues that electric car owners are currently facing, such as the speed of charge and discharge and cycle life. The laboratory resulting material shows impressive charge times of less than 5 minutes even in commercially thick slurry electrodes and cycle  life times greater than  4000  cycles compared to the current standard of ~ 500.


stationary sTORAGE

An emerging market for lithium batteries is grid supporting stationary storage, where longevity, cost and fast performance are attributes of microgrids, Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure, and grid tied storage for grid services.


FAST CHARGINg for portable devices

Mobile devices, including power tools, consumer electronics, and other portable devices have specialized power needs, especially energy density, longevity, and charge rate.  Just imagine if your cellular phone would fully charge in 10 minutes and last 10 years without losing charging capacity! New specialized lithium-ion battery chemistry has the ability to do that, leveraging the promise of nanotechnology.


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